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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music and Destiny part 6

I was holding the card for a long time
as I was inside the lockless apartment
im not afraid to be robbed anymore..I have nothing already
"Mr. Franco! u are my angel" I say

and I remember Ivo suddenly...I havent noticed that he was the lead guitar
of the Positive band...I barely watch them..because I was
focusing at the main vocalist my favorite...

I heard a noise outside and I never thanked Ivo for
helping me getting up on stage
I opened the door..and he was startled
"Jesus Christ! are you going to kill me???" he said with his eyes wide open

"NO~~~!" I replied
"ah....I wanted to thank you....about earlier..for helping me up" I added
"I was got some talent in you, did Mr. Franco talked to you?" he asked
"Yes..he said I'll be on audition for the main vocalists' position" I answered
"what? He's crazy!!" He sighed
"what's the matter...???" I asked
"Can I talk to you?" he requested
"sure!" I said

I was thinking to get closer to Ivo so I could get his vote tomorrow

"Mina...Rock is a tough business...and dont be offended but I think
your'e not suited..I mean you dont fit in! its great that u have talent
but this business needs character and its a different lifestyle...I can see
that your'e different from it..unless u allow yourself to undergo a total makeover"

"I have come a long way...I will do everything, even if its a cosmetic surgery"
I answered with conviction

He stood up from sitting in the sofa and said
"Im sorry but you'll never have my vote tomorrow"
then he walked out of the apartment and closed the door

Now what Mina? u have one vote out.....
but I still have 4 remaining votes
from the drummer, bassist, keyboard player and the manager
what's wrong with me? am I ugly???
I started looking at the mirror and found myself
all i can see is softness and simplicity...I dont even wore make up

I needed change...

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