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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Music and Destiny part 9

Im still staying in that apartment....with the lockless door
Mr. Franco told me that I will debut sooner before the year ends

This morning somebody was knocking at my door
"madamme! we're the immigration officer, we'd like to talk"

I was confused I thought Mr. Franco's attorney is doing
this kinds of things....

So I let them in...and talked...

Immigration officer: "We heard that you're going to get married.."
I was shocked...then the phone rang
I excused and I knew it was Mr. Franco...
telling me
"Tell them your'e engaged...."
"To whom?" I answered with anger

"look mina...i dont have time to talk about this...but I'll tell you later" Mr. Franco told me
"tell them your'e in love with your neighbor and that you're planning to get married" he added
"Mr. neighbor is IVO!!!!!!!!!!" I said
"Then it'll be good!!!!!! its going to be less complicated...I can talk to him" he answered
then he turn off his phone

I turned around and saw this 2 officers...
I have to make a lie...this sucks!

and while I was explaining the situation (which is fake) to them
IVO appeared....and I pretended to smile...a crooked smile
"there he fiance...hahah..aha" I said

Ivo approached me and took his arms around my waist....
"Hi...Im IVO.." he said
"We know...your'e a rockstar!!!" the officer said
"we are very honored to know that you are getting married" they added
"I believe this will not leak because, I have female fans...ready to go to war
you know! im just protecting my...............future wife" He sounded like its very
hard to pronounce every word

The officers left.....

I threw his hands...because I felt like it was way too long hanging in my waist
I gave him this look saying "Im in trouble" and "what do You think you're doing?"
silence prevailed..........

"so do u think I need a thank you?" Ivo asked
"Thank you" I thanked with a very whispery voice
"what?! I cant hear you?" Ivo teasing me....
I started quenching my fists are close
and Im about to burst....I moved my neck in rounds
closed my eyes a bit..and breathe deeply

"I know this is just temporary" I said, convincing myself the fact that Im getting married
"Look mina! I dont want this either...but If you have to do this for your dream
go for it!..I'll help you.." he sounded sincere this time

he was giving me this look of calmness and seriousness

Ivo's Part:

I got a call from Mr. Franco...he told me everything
and he added that Mina needs my help
I went inside her apartment...and found out 2 officers
and she said "there he fiance...hahah..aha"
and he was looking at me...with a crooked smile...
So I just ride in to the situation and to make it more
believable...I put my arms on her waist...
she seem not to enjoy the moment...but I do...

We talked a bit....
and She reminded me again of my sister who died in an accident
she was a teenager when she got into a car accident
I saw my sister's dream in I said I was willing to help her
but this got to be exciting since....Im getting married with her
and this could probably the cure from all the
stalkers...I offered help...and Im very sincere to that
but I cant help to turn back once in a while
enjoying how I annoy her

"so see you at the wedding...Mr. Franco told me that he already settled it tomorrow!"
I added...and walk out in her apartment
I turn around and said "you know it'll be a great advantage..because you wont get to
live here in you lockless apartment and you'll get to eat the breakfast I prepared"
then I smiled at her


Mina's Part:

Unbelievable...isn't he upset...????
and he was able to give me that smile.....
I look to the ground and I find myself...fascinated about him
I shooked my head...telling myself that this is wrong!!!!!!!

could it be.????
I like IVO?????

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Music and Destiny part 8

It was surreal...I cant believe it myself
as I was sitting in front of a producer manager
and ready to sign for a solo artist contract
I held myself back a little...and closed my eyes

"this is what I wanted and now its in my hands"

I signed the contract...and I knew its the start of another
journey, I did lost everything Tampere...but not my dreams
My dream saved me...

I did have a training....
Mr. Franco believed that I didn't still have the performing
character that he's looking for...We were both looking for
the right He made me tried a little clothes and see
what would fit my character

we tried.....

POP...but it didn't fit my voice

Acoustic...but I never played the guitar well..especially while singing
then Mr. Franco told me that I look good in black
So He made me fit this clothes

"I found you! at last!"
then he decided to make me fuse rock and dance
we wrote songs
and he sent me to a dancing school
and even modeling...because Mr. Franco thinks that
I lack femininity.....

It was like doing this in a month
but I didn't noticed that I have overstayed in Tampere
I was given a notice...and If I did not make any actions
i'll be going back home to my country
with shattered dreams....
I told Mr. Franco about my concern and he said that
his attorney will do the I trusted him

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Music and Destiny part 7

Ivo's part:

who's that? I say to not really used to sing while playing the guitar
"that sounded really good"
"Mina????????????????????? she's in front~!!!
what is she doing here...

"aha! she sings..."
I was amazed she's the only one singing along..
and the people aren't complaining...
it sounded really good, how about helping her to get here...

the song ended....and the next thing I know...she was running to the back stage
I saw Mr. Franco following must go on...I have to play...

The concert ended....and I went back to my apartment....
I was shocked when the door suddenly opened and I saw her
she thanked...and I was concern about Mr. Franco's plan
so I asked...

she answered, "Yes..he said I'll be on audition for the main vocalists' position"
I asked her to sit down and talk about it...he didn't know how is it like
to be in  a band...especially this band..she could get to lose everything
so I told everything to her...but she insisted...I have no choice but let her


the audition:

Mina's part: 
I called Mr. Franco, I needed his help for my make over
it took 2 hours to bring this inner rock inside of alter ego of mine
which I have been hiding ever since I liked Rock n Roll
I know that when I dress up like this in my own country
i'll be considered as weird and crazy woman who didn't care

I stayed for a couple of minutes in the comfort room before I
sing for the band....I knew this is one big shot...and none other than me
have given this chance...which is very unusual...
I was looking at the mirror and looked how far this look I have been
I was feeling really into it...and I know that I am really the real me right now

or should I lose the cigarettes, because I dont really smoke...and its not
good for the voice...

I walked into the room...its their practice room
I feel like im in heaven already
I saw Ivo sitting together with the others...

At first he was looking at me with amazement...
I guess its really a surprise..since I changed in just an overnight
but he still nodding..implying that its still a "NO"
the others expressions where really in amazement also...
the bassist said "who are you?"

"Im Naim!" I answered
"i thought it was mina..who's coming" the keyboard player asked
"Mina is not around...if she's not singing she'll be here!" I said, as if
I was in the middle of criminal investigation and full conviction
I was in my character the whole time...I want to prove to Ivo
I can change that I can be in the band

"sing for us" said the drummer

I started singing...and ended it...I knew I nailed it!

"Your'e soft!" Ivo said
"I agree..I thought you will rip the mic stand and sing instead you just stood up
and hold the ear piece...Im disappointed" the drummer said
"I was writing a new song and I think that fits you right, but I did think
that it wasn't really fitted for the bands concept" the bassist said
"I think your'e ok! and I think your'e hot!!!!!!" the keyboard player added
"Mr. Franco...what can u say!?" Ivo asked
"I thought it would be a good idea to mix you up with the band, but I think u lacked
the character..although we made the make wasnt enough for the whole
package" Mr. Franco said

I removed the headset and stepped away in the mic

"I have a proposal! Im asking you to sign a contract as a solo artist...
you dont need the band!" Mr. Franco offered

I was in shock....I failed the audition..but I get to signed up as a solo artist
this could be the most life changing moment...

"So, I guess this is the end of the audition...lets go for practice" Ivo said
He went close to me...and said "I like the outfit..........just kidding"

I was happy at the moment but it turned bitter.....
but Im still smiling after...the first thing I did..
"call my mom!!!!!!!!''

Music and Destiny part 6

I was holding the card for a long time
as I was inside the lockless apartment
im not afraid to be robbed anymore..I have nothing already
"Mr. Franco! u are my angel" I say

and I remember Ivo suddenly...I havent noticed that he was the lead guitar
of the Positive band...I barely watch them..because I was
focusing at the main vocalist my favorite...

I heard a noise outside and I never thanked Ivo for
helping me getting up on stage
I opened the door..and he was startled
"Jesus Christ! are you going to kill me???" he said with his eyes wide open

"NO~~~!" I replied
"ah....I wanted to thank you....about earlier..for helping me up" I added
"I was got some talent in you, did Mr. Franco talked to you?" he asked
"Yes..he said I'll be on audition for the main vocalists' position" I answered
"what? He's crazy!!" He sighed
"what's the matter...???" I asked
"Can I talk to you?" he requested
"sure!" I said

I was thinking to get closer to Ivo so I could get his vote tomorrow

"Mina...Rock is a tough business...and dont be offended but I think
your'e not suited..I mean you dont fit in! its great that u have talent
but this business needs character and its a different lifestyle...I can see
that your'e different from it..unless u allow yourself to undergo a total makeover"

"I have come a long way...I will do everything, even if its a cosmetic surgery"
I answered with conviction

He stood up from sitting in the sofa and said
"Im sorry but you'll never have my vote tomorrow"
then he walked out of the apartment and closed the door

Now what Mina? u have one vote out.....
but I still have 4 remaining votes
from the drummer, bassist, keyboard player and the manager
what's wrong with me? am I ugly???
I started looking at the mirror and found myself
all i can see is softness and simplicity...I dont even wore make up

I needed change...

Music and Destiny part 5

Mina's Part:

I became so sad especially when I knew that
I might not be able to stay here longer...
half of my money is in that big bag...
should I be on the police station?
I dont think so...I have phobias in police station
I dont know anyone here...where am I heading??
I dont even know where the hell is that bar
I need to watch that concert....or atleast enjoy my stay here
in tampere...
even though Im half broke and dirty...
well im not now..but eventually..

I am new to cry then I saw this big neon lights saying
the berta's bar.....I suddenly saw a glimpse of hope
the Positive band is in there, it could be a good place
to ask for a gig...I will be able to earn much...
Im really lucky that here in tampere
rock n roll is sung in i dont have problems with that
or I could audition for a band...
this is just the beggining of my dreams...
I have to grab this opportunity...

The concert started...and the Positive band was there
it was really dark and smokey
I can feel the rock vibe and im getting it...
I forced myself to be in front of the stage
and I saw this man

He was familiar to me...
It cant be he's the lead singer of Positive favorite band
but he was singing their song...Im confused
the concert continued...I was always drowned with their song
so I enjoyed it..every was like a dream....
I sing a long...I didn't know that audiences here in this bar
would rather listen thatn sing a long...
so I was like dueting with the man above on that stage
then the singer looked at me when he heard me screaming the highest note
in the song...

and it was a familiar face...
in shock the song continues and there's no one singing
It was Ivo the sexy guy who helped me earlier
he was looking at me and she held me up to the stage

He handed me the mic
and started ripping the songs and nailing every note of it.

the song ended and I thanked..I am mina and I love positive band's song
I said...and I went off the stage...I walked in fast paced
I was embarrassed but I didnt know why am I embarassed?
I was walking unthinking that I was at the back stage
a huge man suddenly appeared

"Mina! mina! mina! the manager of Positive band
I wonder if you are free tomorrow...?"

OK! or shall I say that's cool!

"that's free tomorrow...what's the event?" I said
"hahaha..ur funny girl!...its not really an see
I have this problem with the main vocalist..." he said

I looked at him so intensely...problem...with my #1 vocalist in the world?

"I know i know your a fan of him..but he quitted and left the band
I dont want to be jobless in the next few weeks and we have few gigs
and he left me with this trouble...I can see that u can sing the band's song
and I think ur even I hope u can make it tomorrow
for practice and lets settle there if the band can take u as the new
singer..u gotta help me with my problem...pls pls pls pls"

I told him

"are you kidding me? i should be the one begging for his position
this is the reason why I went here in tampere..."

he said

"but..I cant assure you this position..the band is really tough so
I think u need to do good..its going to be an audition tom..ok
where do u live?"

I answered

"I live next door to Ivo's apartment"

He looked at me in suspicion..."ok! here's my card call me if u need something!"
then he started walking away

Music and Destiny part 4

IVO's Part:

I saw this girl...or I may say she's asian.
I can see her eyes dazzling as she chooses to pick among the tasty looking bread
I supposed he didn't knew me...I was really amazed by her beauty because
it was out of common...out of the box
She was like a surprise..

I got to go to my room my band mates are waiting for me
while I open the door to exit
my fans started screaming....

I felt someone following me
I frequently look back but i make sure that I dont fully
reveal my face...I dont want another photo of me in the internet
or in the newspaper with another false issue
This days I get a lot of publicity
I might say that it contributes to our gigs
but most of it was depressing and untrue

I felt like the following was endless...and Im nearly to my apartment
so I looked back, because I felt like I was being invaded
especially my privacy..and I know its too much
I didnt like this kind of action
I love my fans...but I dont want them to love me because of my
personal affairs rather bother my Music instead

I looked back and saw the girl I saw in the bakery
she was shocked...I asked if she was stalking me?
she did not understand...I forgot that she look like a tourist
so I translated it "ARE YOU STALKING ME!!"
but wait...maybe stalking is not a good word!
"Why are you following me?"

as soon as she started explaining...
I cant even hear what she's saying
but I kept looking at her face
I waited a moment to see what she's doing
I supposed she moved to the next apartment
she walk in at that I went in to my room
but before I finished unlocking the knob
I heard a loud scream....
I went into the room..and saw her passed out
I helped her..and throw her into my couch

I noticed her things are not there in the room
I was looking for an identification atleast
but none..I found nothing...
I remember what I watched on tv last night..
a new robbery was out in the city and most of the victims are tourists..
Poor girl....should I help her

after a few hours...I saw her waking up
she asked "where am I?"
I told her she was in my apartment, she thanked
I thought she was really cute even after waking up
she thanked me...and I was really happy...but I kept my snob face in pose

she tried to stand up..and she was shaking
I went near trying to help
but she my arms..and she was looking at me
my heart was about to explode
then she said something that broked my snob expression
"It was you....the sexy front of my door!"
"aha! so you thing Im sexy ha!" I replied
she rapidly walked out of my apartment...

I knew from then on that she likes me
and I like her too....

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