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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love doesn't age part 1: I am Ricky

"My heart may die but my love will live forever"
I have made this vow to my wife unto our wedding day
and until now Im still in love with her..
but I wasn't with her around...because I died...
I am Rick Im a bastard and always drunk,
I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world
her name was Laila...I met her in Qatar....

I am 23 at that time and I am hopeless
I graduated and passed my licensure exam but i was nothing
but a stay at home guy...I never looked for a job
I have a girlfriend at that time, her name was Girlie
she worked at a bar as a strip dancer...i would always get here
after she work...she always pays the bill whenever we eat on restaurants
she's also a single mom, she got pregnant with a customer who stalks her

My mother was very cruel to me...its as if I was never really her son
I thought i was an adopted, but i never opened any conversation to them about it
I am different among my sibblings...I never looked like them
One day, my older sister pushed me to get out to my room
and have my own life that Im starting to age and at this time
I should have a job...and so I applied to be a driver in Qatar

I went to the agency office with Girlie...
I was interviewed..

interviewer: "Good morning! Im Laila, what's the job you're applying?"
Ricky: Driver
Laila: I see...but your a Registered Mechanical Engineer
Ricky: I just wanted to have a job...any kind of job
Laila: Well, we have a vacancy for Mechanical agency..I'll refer you to them
Just take this exam, if you passed..we'll give you the sets of requirements that
you have to give to us.

I left with Girlie..but from that day, I cant stop thinking about Laila.

I passed the requirements, and I searched for Laila
but I just learned from their co-worker that she already resigned.

I flew to Qatar, I left Girlie...she promised me and I also promised
to her that we will write each other through letters..

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