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Thursday, February 2, 2012

music and destiny part 16: way to their hearts

I was raved with anguish...
I am so mad that I came home with that frowned face
Ivo went over to sit beside me and had the nerve to ask
"what's wrong with you?"
I looked at him..and i cant utter the words
I dont even know where to start
I keep shooking my head implying "I cant do this anymore"
but he suddenly stroke my hair and touched my cheeks
I feel his tenderness as he told me
"this is part of your dream to be a singer, you have to believe in yourself
not to what others believe they thought it was, look! im here..."

I gulped
as a tear cant wait to run down into my cheek
he wiped it off with his thumb
I felt saved
and for no reason, i felt like its time to give him a hug
I cant say thank you for being there
its just all I have to do is hug him
and it tells it all...

the night was over and i had my first gig in a club where
Ivo's band is performing...Im their opening act

the host introduced me
and as I was called to be on stage
I can already hear the "BOO's" of the audience

The spotlight turned on...and I cant see nothing but darkness
but Im still hearing the boos and words i dont understand
I turned back and saw Ivo
he nodded to me and said "you can do it!"

I handed over the microphone
and started to sing

♫ I am made to sing a song
Ive been 
watching all along
one more step 
I am going on
but I cant live all alone  ♫

♪ I have made my dream come true
but I am nothing
without you
Ive gone so fast
to be in this
is it hard to trust
to me 

I am made to sing a song
but with you
I am so strong
one more step
i am at ease
one more step
to earn your heart
near to me ♪

and suddenly i heard the people screaming my name
and that was my last performance on the stage
I passed out
and I couldn't lift my arm


Ivo rushed to get Mina and get her a medical assistance as soon as possible
Ivo was terrified....He cant be with mina in the hospital, his show must go on
instead...Mr. Franco accompanied Mina to the ER
the doctor ordered an MRI...after a series of test
the doctor appeared to Mr. Franco

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