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Friday, February 3, 2012

Music and Destiny part 17: she cant die

Ivo's Part:

I stayed with Mina after the concert
she wasn't my everything now...she became my life
then I saw her..opened her eyes
"Mina! Its are you feeling?"
"I cant feel my body!" she said
"let me call the doctor!" Ivo rushed out of the room
as soon as he came back with the doctor
Mina was already standing and dressed
"Ms Mina I think your'e not yet ready to be discharge in the hospital!" the doctor advised
"I'm okay" Mina said
"Mina! just listen to the doctor!" Ivo added

then the doctor reminded "Mina, I need to talk to you for a second"
"are you having headaches lately?" the doctor assessed
"yes! I though it was from my busy schedule" she answered
"it wasn't" the doctor gave her a serious look

"what is it?" she asked in confusion
"you have a brain tumor and surgery is needed" the doctor informed her

I am married to mina and now i thought of the possibility of me being alone!
she looked at me...with her misty eyes...I cant help myself but cry too

Mina insisted to go home despite of her condition
I talked to her about the surgery but she wanted to go home back to her country
It makes me sad that I cant be with her...but i feel helpless
knowing that im just a planned husband...we fell asleep
I slept beside her in our bedroom...just to make sure she's still breathing and alive
I watched her all night...I thought of not seeing I might spend the night
watching her till everything fades away
but the night just let me sleep....I woke up and then she's gone
she left me a note with her recent photo

I never had so many tears to shed for a woman
and she's the first
I could make my flight right away to her country
but I dont want to spoil her effort getting away from me
I know her...she'll be mad at me
Mina I will always remember!

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