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Friday, February 3, 2012

Music and Destiny part 18 : the end

Minna's Part

in one day I wrote 100 letters to Ivo with it are pictures of me

I surrender myself to the surgery

I told my mom
"If I couldn't make it! give my letters to Ivo once a month"
My mom couldn't help but just nod in agreeing
because she knows im dying

Ivo's Part:

Im very happy that my wife is doing fine but year after year
I felt that she's already slipping away with me
one day she wrote me a letter that we have to have divorce
I wrote back to her...I told her I am not going to do that
she wont even answer my call
her mother is also unresponsive...

its been 3 years...I told her im going to see her
I reserved a plane to her country
but I didn't received any reply
I thought she would be excited to see me in the airport or
like came to see me there...

I went to their house and I met her mom
she welcomed me...
she asked me to stay on Mina's room
I asked her where she is!
her mother told me she'll be here anytime soon
so I waited and looked around her room
it was dusty..and its like the things were not used at all
then I saw this box, I opened it! and saw tons of letters
I read them one by one

everything was a lie

until I read the last letter...

"Ivo, I could be gone by this moment! forgive me i didn't tell you the truth
I wasn't strong without you...I should've be with you...the pictures I told you
that I have been to several places were edited...I did all the letters in one day
because I really missed you a lot..and I cant help myself but talk to you through
this letter..Im sorry..I wasted your time waiting for sorry for all the lies
but the part where i  really LOVE YOU is the truth and the best part of my life
you are the most special thing that has ever happened to me, I always dreamed of
being married, and you made it come true, you were my dream and forever it will be
I dont want to stop writing this letter because this will end...and i dont want this to be
the last thing you'll ever heard of me...Life has snatched me away from you
and I needed to disappear for you to move on...4 words you were my destiny"

I arranged the letters, and went out of her room
her mother wasn't there so i went home immediately
my life was empty...I felt like I have broken one of my arm
and I can not function..I grew old...I adopted a beautiful girl
and named her I missed her so bad..that I needed someone
to be with and I needed to call her name everyday as I live
I would tell my little mina how her mother sings beautifully
I also read her the letters she gave to me...I hav lived and now
I am exactly near to the end...I cant wait to see her again
Im not afraid to die...because I know I have someone to be with in there
and this time it will be forever
I am Ivo and this is our story...she was my music and I was her destiny.

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