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Friday, October 29, 2010

love and innocence part 13

sherry resigned...and left the office
she decided to make her own company of greeting cards
as sherry was....the company was a success in 3 years.

though successful, rich and famous
she remained down to earth and simple as always
she moved to a penthouse, but ounce in a while

she visits her old house every friday.

she stepped out of her car
and her neighbor called her attention

neighbor : "someone was looking for you, but I told him you move to another place"
"he just left 3 minutes ago."

sherry's grew larger
she knew it was billy...she immediately turned and look around
she ran into the sidewalk...hoping that he was still around walking
she searched for each street around the corners

catching her breathe...

somebody grab her
covered her mouth....and she fainted
sherry was carried to the van

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  1. I'll be busy the following days
    so I dont know when I will post again
    have a great weekend..^_^


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