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Monday, October 25, 2010

love and innocence part 10 (you are mine)

sherry's face turned red
billy : is that your first kiss?
sherry nods her head ..."yes!"
billy ruined sherry's hair like touching the head of the dog
as if sherry is like a kid to him
billy : "darling you are so cute"
sherry : "darling? is that what you are calling me?"
billy : " what do you want me to call you?"....ahhh dog poop!
sherry: "that sounds gross!!!!"
billy : "i thing that sounds cute"
sherry : " whatever"

sherry sits over billy's lap...and said
"you are mine now, because you are my boyfriend"

billy : "you are mine now because I am your boyfriend"
sherry: " things fly too fast, isn't this normal?"
billy: "as long as we feel for each other then that's what matter most"
sherry: " you are crazy"
billy: " yeah, im crazy for you"
sherry: " you dont have to tell me everything from now on"
billy looked at sherry as if he was confused "why"
sherry: "lets just put things this way...i just know that you know everything about me
so what I need is you tell me about yourself"
billy : " that's a deal"

sherry wrapped her arms around billy's neck and they both fell on the floor


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