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Sunday, October 10, 2010

love and innocence part 7 (

sherry: "where are we?"
billy : " this is my place"
sherry : "this is a cheese farm"
billy : "yeah! I own this"
sherry : "my mom love your cheese"
billy : "and I made them"
sherry : "you are different in a good seem to be good at changing topics"

sherry at the back of her mind is saying
"what the heck am i doing inside this man's house..He might kill or rape me"
billy : "Im really sorry for taking you into my house"
sherry: "its ok, as long as Im safe"
billy : "look who's talking...I should be the one who's gotta be safe"
sherry : "what do you know?"
billy : "that you bully boys in high school"

sherry who is sipping the choked out and grab her bag immediately
she ran out and billy followed her

billy: "hey! what's the problem"
sherry : "how do you know those things?"
billy grab her hand and sherry turned
she said "I dont know you! I think your'e a dangerous person..are you a mafia boss"
billy : "that's why I brought you into my place to know me"

sherry looked at him...

billy : "there's no bus in here..ok! I'll just take you back"
billy look for his car keys...and as he turned...he found sherry

sherry : "how did you know everything about me. tell me the truth"

billy said....."my father owns a detective agency"
sherry: why?
billy : I just wanted to be sure this time
sherry: why?
billy : you dont need to know
sherry: why? Im asking you...because I dont know anything, Im here to know you right!
billy : you wanna know me!? do you like me?
sherry : dont change the topic
billy: ok I'll tell you....

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