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Monday, October 25, 2010

love and innocence part 11 (suddenly....)

3 men in their black suit went in forcefully in sherry's apartment
they jumped over sherry and billy
and gunfires where all over the place
then it stopped

the man said "im sorry sir, bu this place is dangerous! we must leave asap!"
billy: "sherry, stay with me"
the man said "I dont think its possible sir"
billy looked at the man furiously "it is possible" billy shouted

sherry never saw billy that mad ever since so she said
"billy, im ok here!"
billy : "c'mon your not safe here!"

the man said "sir, if you want to protect this lady we have to go without her"
billy: "sherry, i will settle this first, make sure you lock the door i will
be that clear?"
sherry : "yes..take care"

billy walks towards the door.
sherry closed the door, until she found out that the lock is broken
"oh my Lord! how am i going to sleep?"


  1. wow u always leave story in suspense!!!
    btw i have been reading ur stories , do u have any plans to publish them ??? u r a good writer i bet the stories will rock!!! cheers!!

  2. I wanted to....but I need to know the basics
    my imaginations are really wild...
    that whenever I started typing the story line
    I felt like im in a different world
    thanks for liking...^_^ cheers!!!


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