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Monday, October 18, 2010

love and innocence part 8 (billy's truth)

billy: ok im a boss.....of everything
billy point out the four corners into the wall
Billy : "you see that..? that's a camera...Im a dangerous family is in a long running business clan
and everybody is hunting me so they could get any of my money. "100 steps away from us are 2 snipers
they are watching us right no, you can give a glance if you want."

sherry : "I cant believe this."
billy : "you wanted the truth, I give everything to you"
sherry : " i need to go back home"

sherry went out of the house
billy run after her

billy : "see..this is the reason why I dont want you to know will just leave me like the others"
"I thought your'e genuine sherry.."
sherry : "and I thought your normal, we are from both different should be with someone in your own level"
billy : " I cant think of nobody else....since I met you"

sherry looked into billy"s eyes....she knows he is telling the truth...

sherry : Ok! I believe in you....
billy : "sherry, why wont you give it a try...I and me"
sherry bows her head and nods....
billy smiled...and took sherry home

it was raining....
and they stood into the door
billy : ugh....its been a long time since I experienced rain
sherry : do you want to get inside, have some coffee?
billy : yeah...
as sherry turns back to open the door
billy made the biggest smile....

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