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Thursday, October 7, 2010

love and innocence part 5 (i fall for him)

And she entered the cafe
she made a disguise so that if billy is there
she wouldn't look familiar

she go straight ahead inside
and took her camera in her bag

sherry : "oh my Lord! I forgot my camera"

sherry dissapointedly went towards the door

and saw Billy..with a camera

billy : "need a camera?"
sherry : yes?
Billy gave the camera
after sherry took a picture...
sherry : "can I borrow the camera?"
billy : "its all yours.."
sherry : " I cant take it..that's too much"
billy : "no, I really bought that for you"
sherry : "do you know me, because I never met you before?"
billy : "I already know you, can I offer you a coffee?"
sherry was stunned, and was locked looking at billy's eyes
billy....knew then it was her..the one...the special girl

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