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Thursday, October 7, 2010

love and innocence part 6 (awkward date)

sherry : "so, what's your favorite color?"
billy burst out laughing.....
billy : "is this your first time to go on a date?"
sherry : "is this a date?"
billy: "I believe it is..when a girl and a boy goes out on their own its a date"
sherry: "oh.."

then a cool wind drops off..and the atmosphere changed

billy: do you want to go somewhere?
sherry: " do you have plans?"
billy: I do....
sherry: "that sounds fun...........ny

billy smiled....and stood up
Billy : c'mon...
billy took sherry's hand and said "Can I?"

sherry never answered but one thing she felt for the first time
her heart is pounding really hard...
 and went straight ahead to the car

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  1. oh !!!! i'm really exited to knw watz next!!


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