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Sunday, October 3, 2010

love and innocence part 3 (about sherry)

sherry is a simple girl and she gets whatever she wants
she's 22 free spirited and confident...except for one thing

she stood up in front of the window

sherry :  (in her thoughts).....what if I never ran in that coffee shop,
what if I just answered his is going to be imperfect if I'm not with someone
I better be more open about myself or else...I'll end up like my mother.

sherry grew up in a broken family
she saw her mom beaten badly by his father

in high school...she was known as a lesbian
because she beat every boy who just stared at her.

in college...she never accepts suitors
because she still believes that man hurt women
physically and emotionally.

now that she's working...she drown herself to his working table
both in her office and her home...
she doesn't know the word "rest"
if she has off time during saturdays and sundays
she usually go to different kinds of coffee shop and take a picture of it...

sherry : "OMG! I forgot to take a picture of the coffee"

now, sherry planned to go to the cafe again
but she wondered if the man is still there

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