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Monday, October 18, 2010

love and innocence part 9 (.....)

sherry brought the coffee
she sat on the end part of the sofa
and slowly the ambiance is starting to change...

billy dropped his cup and started to move towards sherry
sherry held both her if she already knew what billy is trying to do

they were both so close together
billy point out something....."look there's a spider"
sherry looked...and billy kissed him

sherry felt if her heart is about to explode
and the room was full of silence

billy : "did It surprised you? my lips are kinda dull right now" (saying while looking around)
sherry : " should I kiss you?"
billy : " do you want to kiss me?"
sherry : " how could you answer me another question?"
billy : "ok just forget about it"
sherry : " actually my lips has been dull"
billy looked at sherry and kissed her in her lips

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