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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

love and innocence part 12 (pain is calling)

days have past..until days become weeks
weeks become months...

He is gone...I wonder where he is now
Am I just going to wait for him, think of him all the time
hoping that the day will come, where he will knock at the door
or will this be forever....?

sherry has this thoughts
she never felt that love before.

she went to the mountains
and decided to leave everything there. so that when she return
it will be a new Sherry

sherry shouted
"billy, dont come back anymore!!! I have to forget all the things about you
you are my first love why do you have to ruin it. you were even my first kiss
why do you have to leave me...I miss you so much"

sherry's eyes becomes misty, as the teardrop cant be stop to pour down her cheeks
she silently told herself
"I want my old self. I have to do things now without thinking of you"

sherry experienced first love and felt the first heart break
she never knew what is it like to break up, her mind is left unsound
she never knew what to give up or hold onto a love

sherry went down the mountains
she felt like she have removed a big needle stuck in her heart

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